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Title: Pride Boats
Post by: Fido on August 09, 2008, 01:25:08 PM
These were around about the time of Carribean. I understand that they went in with International Marine. Does anyone have any background of who in fact were Pride Boats. What Happenned to them. As well does anyone have a picture of Carribean San Juan ( The big brother ) of the Catalina.

Title: Re: Pride Boats
Post by: Chair on August 18, 2008, 01:52:37 PM
Hey Fido, Welcome to The Board
Obviously our membes have missed this post. Pride made the Albatross which was a direct clone of the Caribbean Crestcutter.
It'd be great to find out more info. HEY GUYS HELP!

Title: Re: Pride Boats
Post by: Fido on August 19, 2008, 08:28:47 PM
Thank's Chairman

I have an avid interest in this time. I have only now just really found out from searching the internet that Carribean built their first boats under the dorsett moulds of USA. I remember Pride boats,they were very stylish they had the side rear moulding with colour insert with the pride stars. I know they ended up with carribean but at some stage they were two separate competitors.

Title: Re: Origin of Pride Boats
Post by: RJW on May 15, 2009, 02:29:29 PM
My dad, Les Wood designed the first Pride Boat(s) for Johnny Longhurst.

Dad had been building wooden outboard runabouts for 15 years before hand (series of boats called "Kanga"). when Longhurst came back from America all fired up about using fiberglass. He sought out Dad and commissioned him to design the hull onto which they grafted a top deck from a mold that Longhurst had brought back from the USA. if i remember correctly these boats were the first fiberglass boats laid up using the then new Rand guns. We had prototype #1 build with additional stiffening a dnheavy duty frames.

Clive Caporn was a close family friend, he and Lorraine were regular weekend guests and Dad and Clive raced 100mile marathons together. Clive took me on the first of his Sydney to Newcastle and return runs in an early wooden "Caporn" setting what, for then, was a record off shore time.

Title: Re: Pride Boats
Post by: pocketbikethrasher on September 14, 2009, 10:01:28 AM
hi guys mark here im currently rebuilding a pride pacemaker and would love to talk to les wood if possible i think he might approve of this total rebuild somehow ill be changing a few things to make the boat a little more modern  iv had a 85liter fuel tank made out of stainless steel to go under the floor and have recently brought a 200h/p yamaha for her  ;D iv cut through the dashboard to make a bow-rider out of her as well with some flash seats and a burnt orange paint job im hoping to capture that seventies look at around 100m/h it should be a fun boat any help would be great i have james talbert working on her he is a very capable local  shipwright and im doing the rest my self