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Title: Another Hartley Flareline
Post by: Tango on November 23, 2014, 08:52:47 PM

This is my first post as I have just joined the group.
Last year I made a Tango Skiff 13' and that got me interested in wooden boats. Fortunately my wife complained that the  13' Tango was too small. I had seen a 16' Hartley for sale in Adelaide on Ebay when I was 80% through the Tango, it did not sell. It had been completely stripped and glassed over using "Bote Cote". I could not justify the purchase at the time, but once judgement was made that the Tango was too small a call was made.

Part of the deal was that it had to be delivered to Melbourne from Adelaide and it was purchased for much less than hull material cost. The motor is a 1971 Johnson 50hp. At the time of purchase the motor was said to be doubtful. Luckily "doubtful" meant grease on the flywheel taper and a sheared key. $5.00 later a running motor. ;D Plus there is a 1970 9.5hp Evinrude auxiliary, my guessing is the boat was made around 1970!!!

The hull is very good, but I am definitely not in love with the centre console concept - way too wet for Port Phillip. The hull is a Hartley Flareline 15' that has been stretched 10% to make her 15'8" the beam it the standard 6'9". Enough talk time for a couple of photos.


Title: Re: Another Hartley Flareline
Post by: darrcoll on November 23, 2014, 10:17:49 PM
Looks like a good clean boat.  Are you putting a screen on or build a cuddy cabin. Welcome to the board.

Title: Re: Another Hartley Flareline
Post by: Tango on November 24, 2014, 08:44:50 PM
Only planning on putting a screen - and a bimini that attaches to the screen to provide shelter when needed. Thus I do not loose the big open boat that is great for fishing.

I have been looking a a lot of boats to get an idea of what would look best. The screen on the "Blue Stylecaft" is certainly a good looking design. The  Stylecraft is a gorgeous looking boat.

The screen will be a winter project!